Health & Safety

Our mission is to preserve our core value of Protecting the Health, Safety & Wellness of our Employees, Environment and Stakeholders

To accomplish our mission we are dedicated to 3 fundamental principles

Health & Safety Management System

Our system includes policies and standards that meet or exceed regulatory and industry standards which is reviewed regularly by all applicable personnel and updated as required.

The system includes the necessary resources and tools that empower our employees to effectively manage hazards and risks encountered at all of our worksites.

Education & Communication

With the help of the CLAC training centre and preferred training providers our employees are continuously trained both on specific industry needs and workplace safety regulations. No worker is assigned a job without the specific training. It is our commitment to ensure employees attain the necessary knowledge to help them reach our goals.

Safety Meetings
We hold informative monthly company safety meetings to share our performance, accomplishments and goals. In 2009 we invited key leaders from our interacting organizations to hear their vision and mission related to health, safety and the environment.

We’ve had the honor and pleasure to hear the following remarkable individuals:
Don Mundy and Dave Phillips
Art Go and Jack Weaver
CanWest Wire and Rope
Graham White
Iris the Visual Group

Employee Wellness

Employee Recognition
Individuals displaying exemplary safe practices and attitude are recognized and rewarded during safety meetings.

Eye Health & Care
Our relationship with Iris the Visual Group allows us access to multiple locations across Canada for complete eye health & care and ensures our prescription wearers are protected by leading edge safety glasses.

Physical Health
Our employees are subjected to physical strain every day and our commitment is to identify, reduce and manage the strains. Our employee’s physical abilities and their occupational physical demands are analyzed to ensure every effort is made to eliminate and reduce physical strain that may lead to an injury. CBI Health and their team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Kinesiologists offer us the complete service of physical testing, health & wellness education and rehabilitation.

We are committed to continuous improvement and sustainability

With the growing concern of diminishing essential resources and the increase in carbon output, pollution and waste, we understand the importance of conducting our business activities in a manner that sustains our environment.

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

The COR program is a partnership between the Workers’ Compensation Board and Industry. Achieving a COR means that we have established and implemented a Health & Safety Program that is above the legal requirements of the Workers’ Compensation Act and the Occupational Health & Safety regulation. Since a large portion of our services is for the petroleum industry in British Columbia and Alberta, it was a clear decision to choose Enform to obtain our COR.

Health, Safety & Environment Network

In 2008 we decided to join a rapidly growing HSE Network that streamlines the pre-qualification process required by our current clients and future clients. We chose ISNetworld and below is a statement from their website: "ISN is the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors from capital-intensive industries."


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